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Proactive Selfcare

Over the years I’ve come to realize there’s a major difference between selfcare as an emergency service and proactive selfcare. When I’m at my best, I’m caring for myself before I need to. When I’m at my worst I’m depleted, and I find life very difficult—which certainly includes… Click on the picture to read more

Anger, the catch-all emotion

I’ve spent many hours trying to understand my emotions. As a child, I learned that being angry was easier than being sad. If I was angry, I didn’t need to feel bad about myself. Anger filled me with entitlement while sadness filled me with, well, sadness….Click the picture to read more

Selfcare Basics

It’s always been difficult to care for myself because I’ve never really known what that means. I know enough about selfcare to have the basics down. I’ve really mastered showering and brushing my teeth. So that’s pretty good. Outside of that, I’ve really struggled with knowing exactly what selfcare means to me. As it turns out, it does not mean watching hours of SNL skits, Between Two Ferns, or comedy specials on YouTube… Click the picture to read more